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Creating an App

Creating an App

Last changed in 03/02/2023

Creating an App is the first step to take in order to develop any kind of integration with Primavera's cloud products, and it plays two very important roles. On the one hand, once submitted for approval and approved, the App will be available on the Marketplace so that customers can subscribe to it, and, on the other hand, it defines how to connect to the products. The connection to the App allows the developer to access the authorization token that must be used for all calls to the Web API.

The App creation section is divided into two subareas.


In this subarea, the publisher's list is associated with the user account, and it is allowed to add and remove publishers. The publisher is nothing more than the information about the producer of the App, which will then be visible later in the App Store.


In this subarea, it is possible to view, edit, publish or remove applications, as well as create or remove subscriptions for testing. At the moment test subscriptions are only allowed for Jasmin.

Creating an App

To add a new app, follow these steps:

  1. Access;
  2. Click on Developer;
  3. Click on Create App;
  4. Insert the following data about the application:
    - Product: product name;
    - Key: application identifier (key/clientId that will be used in the integrator applications);
    - Name: the public name of the application;
    - Description: description of the application;
  5. After confirming, you are redirected to the application's configuration page where you will have to fill in all the necessary data.

This configuration page is divided into six areas, and the following information must be filled in:


You must fill in the following data:

  • Product: product name;
  • Version: application's version;
  • Name: application's public name;
  • Key: application's identifier;
  • Publisher Key: publisher's identifier;
  • Home Page: application's Web address (for informational purposes);
  • Description: application's description.

Logo & Images:

In this area, you must specify the logo of the application for informational purposes.


You must fill in the following data:

  • OAuthFlow: Authentication flow;
  • Redirect URI: the page address that will be used in the authorization.

When selecting the flow types Client Credentials or AuthorizationCode, you should generate a Client Secret in the available button, and it is necessary to save the application after changing the flow. It is not possible to recover this information, so you should save it safely. However, it is possible to generate a new Client Secret in the option Reset Client Secret.

Additional Settings

You must fill in the following data:

  • App Store Preview Link: the app preview link from in the store. Can be used to subscribe to the app without publishing it;
  • Notifications Endpoint: the endpoint for sending notifications to the app;
  • External Subscription Url: the external Url for redirecting to the app.


After filling in all the necessary requirements, it is possible to submit the app for approval using the option Submit for approval. The state of approval of the app will be presented.

Only Apps made available on the marketplace need to be submitted for approval.

Editting an App

After being created, you can edit some of the App fields, except for the fields Product, Name and Key.

You can also publish or unpublish applications, as well as request generating a new Client Secret (this option is only available for applications with the Client Credentials or AuthorizationCode types of authentication).

Associating Subscriptions

For the created App to access the data, it is necessary to associate the App to a specific subscription. This procedure is necessary for development and testing purposes. If the association is not made when a WebApi request is made, the error code 403 will be returned.

To associate your app, follow these steps:

  • Select the product;
  • Click on developer;
  • Click on the created App;
  • Navigate to the Additional Setting section;
  • Click on the navigation link in App Store Preview;
  • Click Add;
  • Select the subscription from the list and confirm.
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