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Publishing an App

Publishing an App

Last changed in 29/08/2022

By publishing, you allow the app to be visible in the App Store, so any user can subscribe to it and use it for their subscriptions. On the other hand, when you unpublish, it will no longer be visible in the App Store. However, regardless of unpublishing, apps can still be used in subscriptions that have previously associated them.

For an App to be published in the App Store it has to comply with the rules defined for that purpose, so only Apps that meet all the criteria will be published.

Subscribing an app without publishing it

You can use or share the preview link to see what the app looks like in the store, as well as to subscribe to the app for trial purposes or to keep it private.

To share an app privately:

  1. Access the App Store and select the product;
  2. Select the menu Developer;
  3. Select the menu Additional Settings;
  4. Copy the link available in App Store Preview Link.
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