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Getting Started
Getting Started

Getting Started

Last changed in 30/08/2022

Let's start creating the next app for the Primavera ecosystem and help hundred of companies on their daily activities.

The Primavera product's API has been developed based on a REST architecture, which allows for a perfect integration between your app and the entire Primavera product ecosystem.

Developing applications integrated with the Primavera products using the Web API is simple, if you already know our APIs and product, go ahead and skip this step, but if this is new to you, it is important to get to know the concepts our platform uses and the products to develop confidently:

To start, follow these steps:

1. Create a development account

2. Create an app

Start by registering your app, according to the technology you will be using.

  • Select the product to create your app;
  • Login with your account;
  • Select the menu Developer;
  • Click Create Button.

For more information on how to create apps, click here.

2. Explore

  • See the the API documentation to learn what each endpoint does.
  • Download code samples from the Jasmin or ROSE repositories that will help you with your development.

3. Integrate

  • Analyze the practical guides available with tips that will help you perform the necessary tasks.
  • Read the documentation and ask our community your questions when you have difficulties.

4. Become our partner

  • Join our partnership program to promote your product with the users.
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